Oklahoma State Senator on Scientology’s Drug Rehab Center: “If This Were a State Facility, It Would Already Be Shut Down”

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Oklahoma State Senator Tom Ivester

With multiple local and state agencies looking into the deaths at Scientology’s flagship drug treatment center in Oklahoma — four since 2009, and three just in the last ten months — a local legislator is also getting involved.

Yesterday, we talked to State Senator Tom Ivester, a Democrat from the western part of Oklahoma. For months, he says, he’s been concerned about what goes on at Narconon Arrowhead.

As early as January, he had received complaints from a state resident that the place was a “ripoff” and was delivering strange treatments, but when Stacy Murphy, 20, died at the center on July 19, Ivester said he was motivated to act.

Officials at the Department of Mental Health have told him they are frustrated that they don’t have the laws necessary to regulate Scientology’s center, he says. And so, he’s determined to do something about it.

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