Narconon – Scientology Inc Cover Up

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Those who know Narconon president Gary Smith and have worked in or with his Narconon flagship facility might have a similar response to tonight’s NBC Rock Center episode on Narconon to mine. That is, what insane orders has David Miscavige’s Scientology Inc issued that resulted in such a meltdown? Four people dying at Narconon? One person is too many. And even that would have been inconceivable ten years ago. And Narconon and Gary Smith showing the same type of disdain for human life that one has come to expect from David Miscavige? What has become of Narconon?

I predict that David Miscavige’s scorched earth policies will result in the most fatal blow to the Narconon program. Those policies were evident in Narconon’s responses to the program: no cooperation, lie and attack the attacker.

Those policies are also evident in a fresh piece of evidence that I have included below.

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Four people have died at this Scientology front group facility and Scientology Inc. is now trying to make nothing of it and cover it up.


The State of Oklahoma needs to close this facility down IMMEDIATELY until they can complete an investigation and get to the bottom of this. If David Miscavige and his Sea Org subordinates are obstructing justice, well than they need to be brought to justice.


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