Scientology’s Oklahoma Nemesis, Bob Lobsinger: “They Lied Every Step of the Way”

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Bob Lobsinger

On Saturday and Tuesday, we gave readers some background on the Scientology drug treatment center in Oklahoma — called Narconon Arrowhead — that is now the center of controversy after four recent deaths which are under investigation, three just since October.

Tonight, a report by Rock Center’s Harry Smith on NBC should explode interest in the goings on at the strange drug rehab, where patients learn Scientology processes — like hours-long staring drills and talking to inanimate objects — rather than getting counseling for their actual drug problems.

In our previous stories, we explained that Scientology has had a long, colorful history in Oklahoma, where it started an effort in the late 1980s to make a new center there the launching pad for a period of expansion.

But standing in their way was the editor of a small weekly newspaper who proceeded to give Scientology hell over the next three years. His name is Bob Lobsinger, and this week I had a lengthy conversation with him.

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