The Sea Organization: Human Trafficking and Thought Control

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It isn’t like that if you are in the SO (I have been there and for many years). PURPOSE is pushed, drilled, chinese schooled and what not on a daily basis. “Good news” (propaganda) is pushed regularly so that becomes the group “R” and bad news are blocked. You don’t read the news. You don’t read blogs or anything on the internet. You don’t watch TV or listen to the radio. You only hear about them on a “need to know” basis and isolated, so it becomes (as it has been pointed out on this blog by others) “an org/mission out of step with the spectacular expansion that is happening all over the world”. It is so ingrained you actually BELIEVE that’s how it is. They see no disaster unfolding before their eyes. They see themselves winning, clearing the planet, and any external flaps as PROOF of them winning (after all, LRH said that if you are succeeding, the SPs start to howl, so all the “black PR our there” is further proof that they are doing a good job).

And no, it is not lonely, because all the other people live in the same world so actually, there is usually a quite high level of ARC in a Scientology organization (except for Int I hear – haven’t been there, but my experience is that the further away you get from Int the saner it is). ARC, by definition, doesn’t require the R to be true to anyone else but those who share it, that’s enough for it to work. Filtering out anything that doesn’t match the artificial Reality helps keeping it alive and being perceived as “truth”.

Many people who make derogatory comments about staff members and Sea Org members do so because they can’t imagine the Orwellian world that exists (especially in the SO) where they are actually not Cool Aid drinkers (“drinking” being a voluntary, self-determined act) – they are connected to an unlimited supply of Cool Aid intravenously and removing the needle is a capital crime, so you actually believe that the Cool Aid story IS the real world.

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Stop Human Trafficking in the Sea Organization


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