Scientology Drug Program Narconon’s Licensing “Extremely Vulnerable” After Oklahoma Deaths, Says Insider

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Colin Henderson, outside Narconon Arrowhead

Scientology is facing crises on several fronts: flagging membership, internal schisms, relentless Internet exposure, and whole new levels of public consciousness and mocking because of a celebrity divorce and an upcoming movie with Oscar buzz.

But perhaps the most surprising component of the church’s recent rise in negative attention seemed to come out of nowhere, and may turn out to be one of the biggest challenges it’s facing.

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This facility needs to be shut down IMMEDIATELY by the State of Oklahoma until an investigation is completed and the Truth Revealed.

Four people have died under their care; three in a ten month period.

Narconon victims- Left to right Gabriel Graves, Hillary Holten, and Kaysie Werninick

Stacy Dawn Murphy,20, is pictured in this undated photo

These were real people who had real lives. They had parents who loved them. Siblings who loved them. Others who loved them. They were more than just a “stat” for the CULT. This CULT is ruining people’s lives and they must be brought to justice.


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