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(Adapted from a comment I made on Moving On Up a Little Higher)

Maiden Voyage 1 – June 2011

I’ve given a lot of thought to Mike’s post and this video since last night. If you count the years, miscavige has been the leader of the Church of Scientology longer than LRH was.

Miscavige has rewritten the books and edited the recorded lectures.

He has instituted a “Golden Age of Tech.” He is executing a Strategic Plan that is different than LRH’s Strategic Plan. He has a different Purpose than LRH’s Purpose.

This really is not the same organization LRH founded. LRH has been gone 25 years, and by many reports was off the line for years before that. This Church of Scientology truly is the Cult of miscavige and has been for a long time. If you look at the Church of Scientology in 2011, miscavige is the Source.

If you are a SO member, Staff member, or parishioner and happen to read this now or in the future I respectfully ask you to look at what your energy is going into. Any book you buy, any course you pay for, any “miscavige Tech” auditing you pay for, and your off-LRH Policy donations go to an organization that exploits slave labor to produce those products and then disposes of the “degraded beings” once they can no longer produce. Your contributions are actually contributing to the destruction of beings, not the salvaging of beings.

Simply leave your things (they can be replaced), walk out and keep walking. Don’t look back. You can still apply LRH’s actual Philosophy to create a wonderful life for yourself and the others in your sphere of influence. There are many generous and able individuals who will help you. Each of us had to leave behind things, including loved ones, and make a fresh start.

Happiness is possible. But not as a contributor to the Cult of miscavige.

Jeez, I know this comment was too long. This is a pretty emotional topic.


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