My comment on the Cult of Scientology: The child you save may be your own

(Adapted from a comment I made on Moving On Up a Little Higher)

Maiden Voyage 1 – June 2011

Thanks Mike for getting a copy of this video for us, though I only made it through 6 minutes. Seeing it validates each of our decisions to walk out of that mindf@ck and not look back.

Meanwhile, as the trained seals are clapping in the front row, slave labor camps are churning out more books, promo and signage that the world doesn’t want.

The Cult of Miscavige wants your money – all of it.

They want your labor, preferably for free in the Sea Org but if you’re a degraded being they’ll still take you in one of those Idle Orgs.

They want your children, and if you don’t cooperate the recruiters have ways of dealing with you.

Do not grant this cult one inch of beingness.


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I have no malice or hate for anyone. I do want The Truth Revealed to the world about the slavery, human trafficking and other human rights violations of a vicious International Corporation. Stop #humantrafficking Stop Disconnection and Fair Game
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