The Nullification Of Scientology Inc. Management

David Miscavige is the self-proclaimed COB (Chairman of the Board) of the Church of Scientology. He is also the Supreme Leader of the Sea Organization David Miscavige owns a $100,000 custom-hand-made, over-the-top motorcycle, called the Vyrus paid for by Sea Org members of the Flag Service Organization who earn $50 a week. The COB David Miscavige’s Motorcycle

The solution to Scientology Inc and David Miscavige is to move on and create a new Scientology scene. Scientology Inc has been dead for some time.

– Marty Rathbun

Moving On Up a Little Higher

What follows is a despatch from David Miscavige (supreme leader of Scientology Inc.) to the top marketing ‘executive’ in corporate Scientology, as Miscavige addresses him: Acting, Temporary Marketing Executive International In Training (A/T/MEI I/T).  The adjectives (acting, temporary, in  training) overlap and are duplicative in some sense, but all are combined to nullify the person in question.  The preamble, A-D, serves no purpose other than to further nullify the recipient.


4 MAR 2001



This is so off the wall and so complex compared to what should happen to get it in that I know you:

A) Don’t know org boards, command charts,

B) Your resources,

C) Any tool of management,

D) How Internet works

I’m answering so you don’t take it as okay without any word from me (i.e., COB said nothing, so it must be okay).

Now figure it out—especially since…

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  1. Howard Roark says :

    Marty, I am in 100% agreement.

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