VOICE EXCLUSIVE — VH1’S Mimi Faust On Scientology: “At 13, They Told Me I Was a Freeloader”

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Mimi Faust gets emotional discussing her mother on the show

Oluremi “Mimi” Faust is one of the stars of VH1’s popular show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, which runs on Monday nights. A week ago, Mimi stunned the show’s largely African-American audience when she revealed that she had been abandoned at 13 by her mother, who was a Scientologist.

With the help of our commenting community, we soon identified her mother, and then tracked down some people who had worked with her in Scientology’s hardcore “Sea Org.”

But we still wanted to hear from Mimi herself. And yesterday, we did.

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“Well, how are you going to keep the world together if you can’t keep your family together?”

– Mimi Faust

Read the Sea Organization Billion year contract here

Stop #HumanTrafficking

This is an incredible story of how a 13-year old girl avoided being recruited into a Human Trafficking cult known as the Sea Organization and was subsequently abandoned by her own mother to fend for herself on the streets of Los Angeles.

Stop Disconnection and Fair Game

Disconnection and Fair Game are control tools that have been used by Scientology Inc. and the Sea Organization for decades. At the same time, these same groups nefariously espouse “family values” with misleading propaganda like this:

Family Values Propaganda




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