Scientology – Available for all Mankind?

This is a comment written by Forever Lurker that I am in full agreement with, reblogged from the post Scientology 101 on Moving On Up a Little Higher

Been thinking just what you’re talking about for years now.

If the goal was to give the tech to every man, woman and child on the planet, well, we have way since passed the technological barrier that would allow us to do just that in about a month start to finish.

What would the world be like if every person could have the entire lower bridge and research line — all the books, all the packs, all the lectures right on his/her computer. The technology exists to provide a one or two GB download file (or many smaller files) that anybody on the planet could go to a COS-sponsored website and just download the whole subject. All MP3s of all 3,000 lectures, all PDFs of all the books and packs, etc.

All the materials ARE already digitized. No problem there.

Why not make these openly available for all mankind? You know, that phrase I read somewhere: “humbly tendered to man.”

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Standard Tech was COMPLETED by 1965 (ref. KSW 1)- that is a lifetime ago. Since then, there have been numerous technological advances and philosophical movements that have swept across this planet and forever changed Mankind.



The time has long since passed that this technology should have been made available to Mankind, and the fact is that this technology is actually being suppressed by Scientology Inc. and the Sea Organization.

The Sea Organization is an unmitigated failure
. In fact, the Sea Organization of 2012 is an enemy to Mankind as a whole, responsible for numerous human rights crimes.


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