Statutory rape of Alexander Jentzsch

Raped in 1996 at the “Friendliest Place in the World”

Exposing (yet another) David Miscavige cover-up

David Miscavige – Supreme Leader of the Sea Organization

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From the many red flags now being raised about the death of Alexander Jentzsch, the son of the President of the Church of Scientology, 77-year old Heber Jentzsch (who is currently in lock down in the Hole, suffering from a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome and elder abuse) this case threatens to become as significant and newsworthy as the death of Trayvon Martin. In fact, this is actually a MUCH bigger story than Katie Homles daring escape from Tom Cruise, the narcissistic monster, who allows human slaves at Scientology’s international headquarters to toil away on gifts for him like an airplane hanger and custom vehicles.

Heber Jentzsch and baby Alexander

Investigation is what is called for now and I’m glad the LAPD is on it because the circumstances around Alexander’s death are highly suspicious. Someone is lying or covering up because the “facts” as reported to date are completely screwy.

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Alexander Jentzsch was born into the Sea Organization and was a member for the first 24 years of his life.

As a child, he was separated from his Sea Org parents and sent to the other coast of the United States, to work as child labor at the Scientology Flag organization in Clearwater, Florida. Separated from his parents, he became easy prey. Read this whole story and find out how the Sea Organization applied ethics and justice to this pedophile predator.

The Sea Organization is the “Most ethical group on the planet?” GOOD GOD! They cannot even apply ethics and justice to a predator in their own ranks. They have sworn an oath to “Put ethics in on this sector of the universe?” They are unmitigated failures.

Flag – “Friendliest Place in the World” in Clearwater, FL USA


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