Sex trafficking trial begins

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With graphic allegations, prosecutors outlined their human trafficking case against Bobby “Spider” Moreno in 379th District Court on Wednesday.

“Not only did he rape the child, beat the child and threaten the child and her family,” prosecutor David Henderson told the jury during opening arguments, “he kidnapped her and tied her down and he let other people rape her for money.”

The victim, a 13-year-old girl, was abducted by Moreno and his brother when she visited the men’s East side crack house in Decmber 2007, trying to buy drugs, Henderson said…

The teen’s credibility was called into question by Moreno’s attorney.

“The key question throughout this trial is going to be, ‘Is this little girl telling you the truth?’” Defense Attorney Robert Shaffer told the jury. “Or did she make this up? Is it a lie?”

Source: KSAT

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