How to Leave Scientology

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I am going to devote this section to advice and practical answers on the nuts and bolts of leaving Scientology. I will keep adding to this as time goes on. If you have specific questions you would like answered, post them as comments here, and I will try to address them as best I can.

1. You don’t have to do anything sudden or dramatic. If you are like many Scientologists, your life is very much entangled in Scientology. You may work at a business with other Scientologists. Many of your friends may be Scientologists. You don’t have to make any announcements or dramatic gestures. In fact, it is possible to “fly under the radar” for months, even years.

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This is valuable advice for anyone who has come to the conclusion that they need to get out of the Cult Church Corporation of Scientology.

Buy and read this book.

I’ve read almost every post on this blog and it was time well spent.

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