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Another excellent post adapted from a comment by Grasshopper.

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(Adapted from a comment I made on Marty Rathbun’s blog)

I have been reading all this stuff about “Scientology” in the media because of the Cruise/Holmes split, and thinking about Karen de la Carriere’s and Heber Jentzsch’s loss of their son Alexander Jentzsch, and Alexander’s willingness to disconnect from his mother, and I have been thinking about all of the ex-corporate Scientologist parents and children who have been cut off from their families, and about “the hole”, the RPF in general, the Sea Org, the forced abortions, the kids at CC and other Scientology churches that were left to flounder while their parents were on course or on staff…

And then I think about my mission in New Jersey – the one where I did my Comm Course, HQS, Student Hat, HSDC, where I got my ARC SW, and started on my journey.

And I remember how fun it was…

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