President Scientology Inc’s Son Dies – Cover Up

This is Karen de la Carriere’s first comment:

Thank you all.
The support is heartfelt.
Thank you Village Voice posters.
Your kind words mean lot to me.
It is hard pill to swallow that I raised Alexander as a 2nd generation Scientologist and he is dead at 27.
That Office of Special Affairs maliciously ordered I not be told is a grim reminder of Church protocol.
I am a declared suppressive person.
I am Fair Game to be lied to do, cheated, deceived and destroyed.
Alexander’s body is above and below other dead bodies in the Coroner’s office in downtown Los Angeles. It has been there since July 3rd.
The Church so much wanted it covered up that not one Facebook friend of Alexander’s has been informed.
The Church would rather the body lie there than let me take my own son’s body.
I sent someone to the house where Alexander died with a letter for Andrea (wife) to sign over the body to me.
Alexander’s mother in law answered the door.
It was BRUTAL.
He was told ~~
No communication ~~ all communication to Andrea ~~ Alexander’s wife, is to go to OFFICE of Special Affairs of the Church !
Tell Karen there will be NO VIEWING.
Get off the property or we will call the police.
This is what occurred to my friend who sent a letter asking for my son’s body

Karen de la Carriere

There are no words for this unspeakable and unnecessary tragedy. My thoughts are with you Karen.

You will know them by their actions, and these are not the actions of a church.

Churches don’t practice Disconnection (ordered breakup of families) and Fair Game (overt and covert operations intended to destroy perceived enemies).  Disconnection and Fair Game are Scientology terms and policies issued by Hubbard. Allegedly later cancelled by Hubbard, Disconnection and Fair Game remain as practices of the Cult to this day.

This is EVIL.

These are the actions of a CULT. This is why the world sees Scientology as a creepy cult – because it is a creepy cult!

CULTS practice Disconnection and Fair Game.

This unnecessary tragedy is not going to go away quietly.

Scientology Supreme Leader David Miscavige and his co-conspirators are going to experience what justice feels like for their multitude of human rights crimes, and for the death of this young man in particular.


Moving On Up a Little Higher

Alexander Jentzsch, the son of Class XII independent Scientologist Karen De La Carriere and the President of the Church of Scientology International Heber Jentzsch, died three days ago.  Alexander died of a ‘high fever’ in the San Fernando Valley home of the corporate Scientologist parents of Alexander’s wife.   None of those corporate Scientologists had the courage to violate Scientology Inc head David Miscavige’s stern disconnection dictates to inform Karen, Alexander’s aggrieved mother.   Karen only learned of the tragedy through Independent Scientologists’ lines of communication into the cult culture of corporate Scientology. Alexander had worked as an OSA (Office of Special Affairs, the dirty tricks and propaganda wing of Scientology Inc.)  informant against his mother.  Nonetheless, and needless to say, Karen is devastated by the news.  Karen is at this moment attempting to overcome the LA County Coroner’s initial decision not to allow her to view her son’s…

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