Scientology = Creepy Cult

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This is a very well written comment by LDW and it deserves its own post:

It’s been brewing for decades. The two words have been used to describe it many times in many places. But today, courtesy of David Miscavige and Tom Cruise dutifully dramatizing David’s valence, “Scientology” is now synonymous with “Creepy Cult.”

The headlines and copy content are massive. What the American Psychiatric Association, the CIA, Interpol and many detractors could not accomplish in 60 years has been done thoroughly and completely by David Miscavige and Tom Cruise dramatizing David Miscavige’s valence practically overnight.

Public perception of “scientology” is “Creepy Cult.” It’s a done deal.  The “WHY” is very easy to spot. It’s because the church of scientology IS a creepy cult.
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