Katie Holmes feared Tom Cruise would send daughter Suri to Sea Organization


How could all of the superpower OT’s have missed seeing this coming?

How could superhero Cruise, OT of OT’s not have foreseen this with his superpowers? How did Cult Supreme Leader Miscavige not foresee this?

It’s going to take a young woman with none of your special “Tech training,” no OT levels, and no Superpower to just say “NO” and expose the crimes of the Cult Sea Organization.

The catalyst behind Katie Holmes’ decision to file for divorce from Tom Cruise allegedly stemmed from fears that her daughter would be taken away.

The actress was reportedly afraid her megastar husband was going to ship off 6-year-old Suri to an intense Scientology organization known as Sea Organization (or Sea Org), where children as young as five can live in the center without their parents and be taught the highest levels of the belief system.

According to TMZ.com, the couple had been arguing over their daughter’s indoctrination into Scientology and the Catholic-raised Holmes had fears over the wacky religion’s potential future impact on Suri. Sea Org was reportedly the last straw for the actress.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/katie-holmes-feared-tom-cruise-send-daughter-suri-intense-scientology-organization-article-1.1106324#ixzz1zUdpfTzv

…Cruise’s desire to send Suri to Sea Org, as its known within Scientology, was the last straw for Holmes in her decision to split from the “Mission Impossible” star, according to TMZ

“Kids as young as five can be sent to live [at Sea Org] … without their parents,” the Web site reported.

Sea Org members sign billion-year contracts to work for the organization, and get room and board to permanently live at a Scientology base for reported salaries of up to just $50 per week…

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/holmes_feared_lose_lose_suri_feared_xYbR9P7F18IPtxr2N4e0VO#ixzz1zVZaYkg6

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