Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, and Scientology

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A number of news media covering the divorce of Katie and Tom have linked to this blog.  For those linking in to understand the Scientology dynamic in the relationship and how it might play out in the divorce, you will likely be interested in the following posts published on this blog.  Several are backed by photographic and documentary evidence demonstrating the degree of control and influence Scientology Inc’s supreme leader David Miscavige wields over Cruise.

1.   Target, Tom Cruise.  Details how Scientology Inc’s supreme leader David Miscavige (Cruise’s best man at his wedding) has infiltrated the Cruise household and used personal assistants and family members to serve as informants on every aspect of Cruise’s personal life.

2. Miscavige and Cruise Caught Lying.   A documented expose of Scientology Inc leader Miscavige using church of Scientology slave labor to design and construct custom-made motorcycles and vehicles for Cruise.  Demonstrates…

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    Katie Holmes: Cult won’t get my Suri | Actress vows to save her daughter from Scientology

    Katie Holmes

    This is the biggest newspaper in the U.K.

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