The Sea Org is Toxic

I am in full agreement with Grasshopper on this post and wish to share it in it’s entirety. Special thanks to Grasshopper

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There are a LOT of ex-Sea Org members in the Independent Scientology community, many of whom have decades of service, and many of whom were SO with Ron on the ship. Some have defended the SO in theory, but condemn the SO (and all church leadership) in practice as run by the CMO and the Nadir of the group, Mr. David Miscavige.

But I say the SO is toxic in and of itself. The SO is a para-military organization that has no place in a church. I know Ron is a long, long time military man, so it makes sense that he would structure an org along military principles, but you know what? I disagree.

This is not an easy statement to make. It is hard for me to call this baby ugly. Ron put the SO together, and invited a lot of top notch people to join at its…

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